Hi-Spek Door Problems

I recently purchased a replacement Composite Door complete with Frame from Hi-Spek Windows Ltd. in Worksop.

It looks like they fitted a door too narrow then packed it out with add-ons (spacers).

 Making the frame section outside very wide 4" (100mm. The door is now only 29" wide, That is 4" (100mm) narrower than the original and looks disproportionate within the aperture.

In my opinion.  It would be so much better fitted with just a standard frame. Inside the frame has enough room either side for a wider door,

Also the step (Threshold & sill) is too low; it was ok on the original door.

I believe this could have been avoided, maybe raised or a higher sill or threshold fitted.

If Hi-Spek could not fit a door anything like the size of the original I feel they should have informed me.

I was not happy with this installation.

Based on my experience as a Hi-Spek customer, I could not recommend this company.



Hi-Spek Door Images

Showing Excess Frame Width

Outside view

Internal view

Low Sill



Internal Lock side

Left of threshold

Right of threshold

Internal Hinge side


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